Scavenger Hunt through Heidelberg

Operation Mindfall

Put a team together and embark on an exciting agent mission in the digital scavenger hunt in Heidelberg. Combination skills and teamwork are essential to solve the riddles in the old town of Heidelberg and successfully complete the mission. This tour will take you from the Kornmarkt right through the old town. Here you can prove whether you have what it takes to be a real secret agent.

How it works

Our Outdoor Escape Games through Heidelberg work in a similar way to a conventional Escape Room, which means you have to find clues and solve puzzles as well. However, you will not be locked in a room, but will be out and about with your team. At the beginning you receive an iPad, which then leads you from one puzzle to the next via GPS tracking. You can enter the solution directly into the iPad and the next spot will be displayed. You have to reach this spot in order to start the next task.