Combining Scavenger Hunts and Escape Rooms in Heidelberg

Our exciting missions are perfect for adventuring with friends, family and your colleagues! You play as a team, collect clues to solve puzzles and reach your goal. With the outdoor escape room in Heidelberg, you will get to know the city in a whole new way and experience exciting adventures.

How it works

Our Outdoor Escape Games through Heidelberg work in a similar way to a conventional Escape Room, which means you have to find clues and solve puzzles as well. However, you will not be locked in a room, but will be out and about with your team. At the beginning you receive an iPad, which then leads you from one puzzle to the next via GPS tracking. You can enter the solution directly into the iPad and the next spot will be displayed. You have to reach this spot in order to start the next task.

Our scavenger hunts will take you through Heidelberg through the most beautiful places in the old town. So you will not only experience an exciting story the way you would in an escape room, but you will also explore the city during your city tour in Heidelberg.

Operation Blackout (Starts April)

A previously unknown hacker group has cut off Heidelberg’s power supply and in the past few hours public operations have only been maintained by emergency generators. The secret organization W.I.S.E. already has a hot lead and needs your help to save the city until the emergency power grid collapses in three hours.

Operation Mindfall

Heidelberg is threatened by a dangerous virus. That’s why the secret service organization W.I.S.E. asked for help and provides you with their state-of-the-art agent equipment so you can successfully master the puzzles in Heidelberg and complete the mission in the old town. As a team of agents, face the tricky challenges and save Heidelberg in this Outdoor Escape Game!

Operation Mindfall (Kids)

Heidelberg is the target of SPIDERTECH who are trying to manipulate people with a dangerous virus. As a young team of agents, only you can face the threat and save the city in this gripping children’s escape game through Heidelberg. Prove that you are a real secret agent and earn your agent ID.