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Floodgate Heidelberg

The Heidelberg barrage is a river barrage and was built in 1929. It consists of a double sluice on the left bank, a hydroelectric power station and a three-span weir on the right bank in the direction of the Neckar.

The purpose of the sluice is to compensate for the different water depths, thus enabling navigation on the Neckar.

Task: Decoration

Depending on whether a ship wants to go „uphill“ or „downhill“, water is either let in or out of the lock to raise or lower the ship.

Lock details:
Useful length: 109,00 m
Useful width: 12,00 m
Average fall height: 2,60 m
Tip: 1 cubic meter = 1.000 liters

How many liters of water have to run into the lock so that a ship going uphill can be lifted from the lower water level to the upper water level?

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