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Karls Gate

The Main Street runs through the Heidelberg Old City in its full length from west to east. At its eastern end rises the Karlstor. The architect Nicolas de Pigage built the city gate from 1775 to 1781 in the form of a Roman triumphal arch. Elector Karl Theodor appeared in person at the laying of the foundation stone on October 2, 1775. It was also he who prompted the architect to combine elements from three submitted designs into a fourth plan.

The gate was built to thank the electoral Prince Karl Theodor for his promotion of trade and commerce. However, during the construction period the citizens complained about the horrendously increased construction costs.

Task: Decoration

The sculptural works executed by Peter Simone Lamine show the coat of arms of the Electoral Palatinate flanked by two lions on the eastern side. On the city side are the portraits of the Elector and his wife.

In addition, the Karlstor was decorated with white flowers as you can see in the video. How many flowers are there on the ceiling in total?

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