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Fraternity houses

Since the beginning of foundations of Central European universities around the 14th century, students have been organizing themselves and forming associations, clubs or fraternities at the universities.

The purpose of these associations was to round off the academic and professional education of the university and at the same time to educate students to belong to the upper class of German society. In short: „The universities taught, the fraternities educated.“

Interesting Fact:
The concept of “Fraternity” in German is called “Verbindungen”, which translates to “connections”.

Task: Fraternities Heidelberg

Even today there are still some fraternities in Heidelberg in which students organize themselves. The magnificent buildings still bear witness to the influence these fraternities have had on our society and economy.

Now try to find out witch is the oldest fraternity settled in Heidelberg. Click on the button of your choice to see if the solution is correct.

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