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The „Klingentor“ was built between 1620 and 1622 in the course of strengthening the city fortifications as an archway with a guardroom above.

In 1728, the gate was given a two floor structure, which included a chapel for the adjacent building Schloßberg 2. From that time onwards, the architectural and historical connection to the adjoining baroque house was established, as the access to the chapel was via the house.

Task: Water pipes

The oldest water pipes are believed to date from the origins of the city of Heidelberg, they date from the beginning of the 13th century. This is also confirmed by a double-circuit line found under the foundations of the house in Apothekergasse 3.

Which of the following materials were not used to make the water pipes at that time? Click on the button of your choice to see if the solution is correct.

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